Taken from the moderator report: "Linda, once again, your centre has conducted an exemplary Summer school, from which the participants have clearly benefited in a major way ..."

A chance for you to read how our young people did on their Arts Award journey ... blog written by young people/staff.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Bronze Art Award

A chance to read and see some pictures from another group of young people and the work they did to get their Bronze Art Award.


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Summer Arts College Competition

Well done Summer Arts Crew you will be getting a prize of £5 WH Smiths vouchers and a Competition Certificate.

There were a number of entries which have been judged 'outstanding', from the following Colleges:

Cardiff, Carmarthenshire, Ealing, Islington, Lambeth, Oxfordshire, Peterborough and Trafford.

So an extra WELL done you will also be getting an additional prize and certificate as we were judged 'outstanding'.

Thank you all again for a great Summer Arts College - Linda x

Watch our films again -

Thursday, 15 September 2011

DVD Finished

Hi guys, just to let you know the DVD is now finished. Will get a copy to Tim next week. He will then get them duplicated for you! Really pleased college is going so well for those who started in September :-) Remember stay focused :-) x Linda

Some of the poetry by the young people ...

Our Experience

Summer Arts has changed our ways
We no longer need to worry about boring days
New friends we’ve made
Our confidence we have regained
Some of us we used to blaze
Now we’ve got a new found craze
Life has been a winding maze
Finding new skills we’ve been amazed
Summer Arts has been fun
Now our futures just begun
This has been a great experience
Now we take life more serious
No longer do we feel delirious
About the arts we are curious

Now these people, they are so great
We’re one big family, we ent fake
Linda, Tim, everyone has kept us going
Saved our brains, that we were frying
Now we know that we have passed
These three weeks have gone too fast
The woods, London, a bit of ball too
All of us has managed to see this through

Here we have our old boy Mark
Sometimes it shows, he’s not the brightest spark
Coming to our younger member, Jake
He has to struggle not to break
Now, to the girls here comes Georgia
Watch out here she’s our top performer
There this sound old geezer, bit of a sleeper
Here comes Peter
Now for a bit of Kieran
He comes does a back flip, we all cheer him
We have Alan, he’s one of our madmen
But sometimes he’s a little random
Hakeem, he’s on the scene
Watch yourself, he can be a bit mean
Ashley, he skates so casually
Soon to be appearing on casualty
Now keen for the course we bring you Stuart
He’s found someone to teach him new shit
Last of all we have Leanne
If she wasn’t a girl, damn, she'd be THE MAN

We all stressed out Linda
You can see, she’s got thinner
Now we know, she’s made us winnas
Our old boy Tim, he has no twin
With the money spent he could’ve got some bling
Now our girl Hayley, she’s all gravy
Shame to see her leave so early
Bex, she has our respect
our time with her we wont forget
Claire, shes full of flare
Always hyper, she’s a nightmare
Sarah, no-one fairer
Makes our breakie she’s our carer
Kymell, he thinks his feet smell
His secrets of rhyme he will not tell
Dave he’s our fave
Maybe we’ll take him to a rave
Now, Rawz he’s here for the course
Never pause to open doors
By Summer Arts 2011

Destination and creation

The destination of my recreation
And stimulation of relaxation
My island of dedication and less frustration
Where fate may lie and hate may die
Where mis-function is a junction
To preparation for our nation
Where people play skate as a meditation
And show the fire of their desire
The place of aggravation and mis-interpretation are no longer needed
Where we write to invite the people we love
Where a curse is no worse than a hug
Where a criminal can also be lyrical
A place where expectation lives a health relation with people of all temptation
Where know one is a foundation everyone is a person of a home made creation
All we need is an occasion but no consolation of our past
A position of recreation where we can use preparation
And recreate and repopulate the world we once had
Although it was dis-functional
It can always be sociable and memorable
Now to set the date and set the bate
And have a chance to relate to mate of my past fate

My family mean the world to me
It’s obvious as you have heard and seen
We have our ups
we have our downs
We have our smiles and our frowns
First we have my inspiration and that’s my Mum
She gave me life as soon as it begun
She is my world my only one
Then we have my nanny always giving me good advice
She looks after me
She may of aged but she still knows how to put up a fight
Then there’s grump who would always make me laugh now and when I was little
Always telling some silly joke or some kind of riddle
James Cook my biggest bro
I can talk to him about anything
He makes me feel like a person, when I’m feeling pretty low
Matty aka monkey he’s the good looking one, always got a new trend always funky
Connor-Jon my little partner in crime
I love him to pieces even if it seems were arguing all the time
Mya Cook my Minnie me could never mean more to me
Honestly she’s a beauty
Mason Cook the little tyke
Makes me smile
He may just be a baby but he never fails to brighten my dark day’s up
Now we have two new additions to my colorful family Leanne & Dave…..
My gosh coming in to my family they must be brave ☺
Nah I’m only joking Leanne’s a gorgeous girl and Dave’s a lovely ole chappy
I’m pleased with anything that makes my family members happy
So there my life, the one’s that put everything rite
We’re far from perfect but we stick together on those tough rainy day’s,
so I guess that’s enough said from me! Georgia-Mae

Woke up this morning
filled with emotion
Walked through the door
loads of commotion
My heads filled with stuff
I can't even explain
wish someone would come and take the pain
Wish I could take things back that I've done wrong
But realised got to keep moving and stay STRONG!
By Leanne

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Final Celebration!!

Finally we got to the last day :-)

This short film includes footage from the Celebration Event - and photos that the young people and guests took during the Celebration Event. Also includes a young person talking to Tim about Summer Arts.

Tim Parkhouse - the project manager (sorry audio not as good as it could be - was very tired by this point and did not use a radio mic) explains about the Summer Arts programme.

An emotional three weeks, very proud of all ten young people that achieved their Bronze Art Award.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Through my eyes

Day Seven on Summer Arts College 2011 - one of the young people is using the Z5 ... includes interviews with James and Tim (visiting friends of mine) and you get to see a little bit of me :-)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Get Arty!

As part of the Summer Arts College - we worked with an illustrator Stu Mclellan and created a large mural. Day 11 (young people then continued on it day 12/13/14)

Our Day in London

As part of our Arts Award we spent the afternoon at the South Bank and then in the evening went to see One Man Two Guvnors at the National Theatre.

All ten young people document their day through photos and short video clips.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Take a closer look

Take a closer look at Oxfordshire's Summer Arts College 2011 - for three weeks ten young people attended college and achieved a Bronze Art Award.

This first film gives you an insight into their first week. Majority of the filming and photography is by the young people - (film also includes some footage from week 2 and an art time lapse from week 3).